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Tomorrow, we will be rolling out an additional reporting option in #Battlefield2042. This will now allow you to report in-game voice communication if you feel they are not in line with our Positive Play Charter.

Our goal with this addition is to further reinforce positive behaviour in our community, while also giving you the possibility to report players that are actively trying to impact others in a negative way.

If you or someone else is affected by toxicity, stand up and report players who are using abusive, offensive, or harmful language. The easiest way to report someone is through the Squad and Players list:

  • Open the Pause menu
  • Choose Squad and Players.
  • Select the player’s name on the list.
  • Choose More.
  • If you want to report them, select Report.
  • Select Abusive Voice Chat.

At its heart, Battlefield is about coming together as a team and playing the objective. Alongside you, we stand up against toxicity within any of our games, and encourage you to report individuals that are not abiding by these values.

Learn more about Voice Chat Moderation via our FAQ: https://help.ea.com/en/help/battlefield/battlefield-2042/voice-chat-moderation/

Play the objective, we’ll see you on the Battlefield.

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