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Keep in mind that us developers are also fans of the series and have no say/control over what media is put out on the official channels. I’m confident the marketing team is working to put some more gameplay out there ASAP, however do keep in mind that this is a personal Twitter account and Frederik is talking about excitement at his job.

It’s tough for developers at any company to toe the line between being transparent, avoiding frustration for players, and not breaking NDA’s on social media. So try to take such tweets as simple anecdotes or “behind the scenes” if you will.

These tweets often get put under a microscope, and I understand why - the community would like to see more from the game. However, I was at the playtest yesterday also, and I can see exactly where he’s coming from. I’m nervous but excited, so I hope you guys like what’s been done and fingers crossed for some more info shortly 🙂

about 2 years ago - /u/DICE-Gav - Direct link

Originally posted by Sjoerdvv

dont you ever use the word 'soon' here! its traumatic.. ;)

on a side note, dont you think dice should at least communicate with us, why they dont communicate with us?

Marketing in general is one hell of a machine that balances communication, memes, engagement, information, and overall professionalism. It's all magic to me and I personally have very little insight into how any of it works or how best to balance it. It seems that the community are not happy, and if this is the case for the majority then I agree that something needs to be done to mitigate that issue.

This is a bit of a non-answer from my side, sorry about that! But as I say, I'm not a marketing guy so all I can suggest is to keep making your voice heard and try to be constructive (and add specifics) when giving feedback. Things move very slowly in big companies, which can seem like nothing is being done at times but don't let that discourage you. It may seem easy for me to say this, but making games of this scale is a very complex beast and I believe that impacts communication as well. It doesn't mean we can't do better in that regard, though.

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