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Originally posted by shelledpants

The solution being so obvious it hurts: Delay the time you can control by the same time of the entry animation...

We had it working like that before, but it turned out to be annoying when entering gunner seats. Changing it to make it more responsive seemingly introduced this issue. We'll follow up on it!

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Originally posted by MartianGeneral

Since we're on the topic of entering/exiting vehicles, I feel there is a pretty important mechanic missing when it comes to exiting vehicles, i.e. exiting in the direction you're looking at.

If you pointed your gun/camera at the back of the vehicle, you'd exit from the back; if you pointed it towards the left, you'd exit from the left, and so on. It was actually extremely useful in BF2/3/4 as you could control which direction you exit from, and that helped when quickly getting out of vehicles to repair, etc.. This feature was lost due to the addition of enter/exit animations but since they don't exist in 2042, I think this is something that should be brought back!

We do check the aim but have a limited amount of exit points. If you aim towards the right, you should exit on that side too. We did some fixes to this the last months, so if that doesn't work as it should, consider it fixed for an upcoming patch.

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Originally posted by MartianGeneral

I just checked it with the LATV4 and the T-28 and it seems the updates didn't make it into the early access build :(

For now this is how it works; no matter where your gun is aiming (both driver and gunner) you always hop out from the left of the vehicle. The only thing that changes is where you're looking when you get out. So as an example, if you aim your gun to the right, you'll still exit from the left but you'd be looking towards the right. If you aim your gun at the rear, you'll exit from the left while looking at the rear. video example of the T28

Yeah I'm pretty sure I fixed this already, but I'll take another look just to be sure.

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Originally posted by Slayer418

How about controlling exit direction with WASD? I think it could be better in certain situations.

That's definitely a good suggestion that I will give some thought.

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