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Originally posted by haaaaiblommetjie

Looks like the desert side is a tank playground and the green side is infantry heaven!

Funny you should say that, that's the design intent! At least at large, of course there are opportunities for infantry cat and mouse versus the vehicles on the desert side and opportunities for tanks to dominate the fields on the green side. But if you love tight infantry combat you are probably gonna spend more time on the green side and let the vehicles have their mad max moments in the desert :D

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Originally posted by BlexBOTTT

jesus f**k that is damn massive

it's sus tho, the recent art is somewhat flat compared to the first picture of renewal, it has rocky hills in the desert part...

The concept is mainly to get a feel for the map and the environment, we worked hard to make sure there is enough cover on both sides, even though it's a lot of desert and fields. The first picture you have seen is more accurate in terms of the playable environment :)

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Originally posted by OddJob001

Thank you u/kalletheslayer for participating in these conversations with the community. We really appreciate you stopping by and talking with everyone.

Happy to be here! Feels good to interact more again now that we have started to show stuff, haven't been active talking about maps i'm working on since Iwo Jima for the pacific update in BFV haha

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Originally posted by ZGEGZ

will there be levolution/big destruction events?

There is no Rocket on Renewal like on Orbital, but there are other cool things instead. Not necessarily destructible stuff, but i'm sure we'll show more as we get closer to launch ๐Ÿ‘€

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Originally posted by iCaps_

You made Iwo Jima? It's so good.

Easily one of my favorite maps in all of Battlefield. Quick question, who's idea was it to put AI troops on the outskirts of the map by the beachhead on the right side? It was genius. Made the map that much more "lived in". Hopefully, we see more of that in these new maps!

Together with one of the artists on Renewal too! So 50% of the level pod is from Iwo Jima on this one :D And thank you so much!! Hmm I think it was from the VFX team actually, if I remember correctly. And yeah I agree, ambient warfare always help making the world feel more alive!

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Originally posted by UltraPlayGaming

Do you think the other level designers will be able to give more detail on the other maps now that you are allowed to? I would love to hear more about the Antarctica map and the Singapore map since we havenโ€™t heard a ton regarding them either.

Don't think either of them are very active on social media so don't think they will pop up here or on twitter, but also i'm not really saying more than we have already shown. I can talk more about the maps I've worked on as we reveal more etc at least!

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Originally posted by chemtr4ils

how big this renewal map will be? comparable to previous bf games? it looks absolutely stunning, i'm already seeing the breakthrough mode through the huge door

In BF2042 I think it's medium size, a few times bigger than Arras for example

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Originally posted by chemtr4ils

btw i ll only be able to play on ps4, does that mean some maps will have some points removed? Because if not idk how anything can change between 64 and 128 players, take caspian border for example, it has 5 points but they're very condensed, if you reduce the border limits of this map it does not change anything to the gameplay because 90% of the players are just in a relatively small area compared to the huge map caspian is, however, on a map like breakaway which will feature a ton of points far from each other, will some points just be removed to scale the map down?

Yeah exactly, on ps4 it has it's own borders to make sure it plays well for 64 players instead where we remove certain areas, but we have tried as best as we can to include the iconic features on each map no matter where you play. For example the rocket on orbital is included on both old and new consoles :)