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Hey folks,

Just wanted to take a moment to share the Weapon Teams thoughts around some of the feedback we've been seeing. Have a read of the unrolled thread, below:

The Weapons Team wanted to touch upon some areas of feedback that they're seeing from you since the release of Battlefield 2042 Update 5.0 and reveal some early changes you can expect for a future update.

As part of a future update, we'll be targeting your feedback about burst firing with Assault Rifles. The dispersion delay currently experienced is not intended, and we'll be reducing the Dispersion Delay by half.

We'll also be making changes to some Assault Rifles that are in the extremes of the maximum and minimal possible dispersion rates. With an intent to compress them further, so that they perform in their intended ranges. Expect a full list at a later date.

As previously indicated, the changes in Update 5.0 would not be the last for the RM68 This weapon will be receiving a reduction of the 4HK range by 10m for Standard & High Power ammo, and removed from CQB ammo We'll also be reducing the bullet velocity by 90.

That's it for now! While this season has only just begun, we're already working and acting upon your feedback and making changes where possible We look forward to sharing more news on when to expect these changes and more, in the future, but for now: See you on the Battlefield

We're always keen to be as transparent and upfront as we can be, in regards to changes taking place on Battlefield 2042.

We hope this extremely early look shows that we will be acting upon your feedback where necessary, so in short, keep your constructive thoughts coming and we'll do our best to ensure you're having the best experience possible on Battlefield.

Peace out for now!

Src: https://twitter.com/BattlefieldComm/status/1667228087036047362

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