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BF needs to step it up.. it is definitely necessary for Claymores or bouncing AP mines.. the game is over 2 yrs old now and still missing so much

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These types of posts are curious to me because it seems like you haven’t played in a while.

We now have 4 Seasons of content available + we have the Class system available again as of January - check it out and let us know what you think. There are a lot of new changes, and new content alongside it versus launch.

What I hope even y’all in Reddit here can agree with me on… we often see posts like this and I personally believe they don’t contribute to keep constructive discussion flowing.

Myself and the team come here to read every day, but opinions and posts that seem outdated do still often get the bandwagon approach and I don’t think it’s a benefit to the overall quality of discussion for all of you here on Reddit. Ultimately, better discussion is a benefit for the Battlefield team, but also you as players.

This turned out way longer than expected… also, sorry OP but your post escalated quickly I guess 🤣

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I have a question I haven't seen yet, is there any focus on allowing a few more options in solo/co-op modes? I'd love to be able to change reinforcement count, change which team I start on (specifically in conquest).

Not something we have planned right now. But as we did mention, we keep reviewing how we can improve the Solo/Coop experience so it stays close to the MP experience.