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I’ll say it, I’ve been trashing 2042 since it’s launch, but I’ll admit when they get something right. Dice, you nailed the new map, Spearhead.

I just finished playing two games of Conquest on Spearhead and it was the most fun I had in a long time, in any online shooter.

The map has great balance throughout, objectives well placed, and enough cover to maneuver on foot. The biggest thing I noticed was the decreased time to get into combat. This decreased time is huge, in my opinion, because I feel a lot of the maps are too empty and you spend too much time running without much action.

The action on this map was very well paced, as well as different from objective to objective. For the first time in a while, I was moving with 10+ players. Seeing more players fighting close together, creating big and immersive battles, is what Battlefield is all about.

Dice, build of this map and use this as inspiration for your new maps going forward. Just maybe 2 maps per season, please. ☺️

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Really appreciate the sentiment, but also the constructive criticism around it too.

Seeing the reactions towards Spearhead is really encouraging for the team, it's been a long journey make no mistake about it - but it's posts like these that underline that we're on the right track with things.

Work continues, I hope you continue to enjoy Season 3!

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