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Recently my Xbox one wireless controller has been having some problems playing this game.

The biggest issue is that it keeps disconnecting from the game and when it “reconnects” again it doesn’t interact with the game anymore. No menu, can’t shoot, nothing. That forces me to quite the game and restart, which considering how long the matches are is pretty annoying. Its connected to the Xbox still because I can click the home button and change apps and whatnot, just nothing in game.

Second issue is a slight right joystick drift which causes me to slowly look to the right unless any other button is clicked. Any known fixes to these? Thanks in advance

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These feel like platform level issues and not relate to the game. I've also had it where at random the controller will lose connectivity with the console and upon reconnect sound doesn't play throughwith a load of titles, reconnecting it again fixes it.

The only things to suggest is to reposition your console, ensure your batteries etc.

On the subject of your stick drift, use some compressed air to b low any dirt from it, pull on the toggle until you hear a click and push back in, or ultimately consider a new controller.

Ps: sorry for any typos, vis mobile at early hours!😊 goodluck!