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I’m honestly amazed at how terrible I am at this game. I was pretty decent at bf1-bfv but am pretty much complete ass in 2042. I feel like I’m mag dumping an entire magazine into someone’s face with no kill then get sniped by a lmg from 200 yards. If I hold still for two seconds….I’m dead. It feels like everyone else is using an aim bot and I’m just spraying bullets everywhere.

SO here’s what I’m doing. I’m training. I’m playing exclusively against bots for a while just to rank up some guns and hone my aiming and heli skills. I’ve already started shredding bots in the little bird and flying fast and smooth. My aim is feeling better on foot too. Once I start feeling solid under the advanced level of AI, I’ll come back to regular multiplayer….probably still gonna get my ass beat but at least I’ll be a little better. Anyone new to the game, highly recommend the solo mode to get you up to speed.

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Solo mode is great, and there are some aim training experiences within Battlefield Portal that you can use too if you feel the need to do so.

But what I would also say is, don't take it so seriously, find what you enjoy and makes you happy while you're playing and go from there. It isn't about topping the board, or having an amazing KD ratio or win ratio, but it is about having fun. Find that place

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