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There's such a herd mentality on social media, that's why I got off Twitter, TikTok, IG, FB I don't want to listen and internalise the thoughts, opinions and emotions of other people, because people who are not self aware are controlled by fleeting emotions. That YouTuber Jackfrags, was playing on the new Hour Glass Map Rework 2.0 his YouTube title for this was Battlefield 2042 is finished... his OTHER Battlefield 2042 YouTube titles are as follows:

13 Days ago Battlefield 2042 has finally figured it out...

1 month ago Battlefield 2042 finally feels like Battlefield..

2 months ago Battlefield 2042 actually did something great here…

3 months ago Battlefield 2042 is so much better now...

so 1 map Rework is all it takes for a game to go from much better, much better to FINISHED?!

This is why I don't subscribe to the thoughts, emotions and opinions of other people because we're all so distracted by our phones, by life in general, I don't want to internalise wrong information or spend my days getting angry about something that has nothing to do with me. I wanna make my own choices and not internalise or be conditioned by the opinions of other people.

This is the BEST Battlefield, close 2nd is BF3, y’all already know the rules when it comes to commenting on my post. 👇

It’s how I feel it’s the best one, don’t @ me if you feel differently, don’t get to know me, don’t pretend to be my friend, if you see me IRL don’t try walk beside me, amongst me. If we making love don’t make no eye contact with me.

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Jackfrags new videos be like:

Battlefield 2042 is BETTER than ever.

Battlefield 2042 is Making me feel alive again.

Battlefield 2042 has never felt this good.

Battlefield 2042 Made me happy the first time in years.

Battlefield 2042 Season 6 changed my life .

Its so pathetic clearly EA pays him to give clout to the game.

Nope, that’s all him.

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Reddit isn't much different from the other platforms you outlined though. Ultimately it's people coming together for (shared) opinions.

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