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Hey folks, noticing a little bit of excitement around this that was shown within our Battle Pass trailer for Season 4.

Just wish to state that while we appreciate the excitement, there are no plans at this moment in time to include the RPG-7V2 as part of Season 4 content for All-Out Warfare. We'll keep our eye on the feedback, but no plans for it at this moment in time.

Sometimes, some elements of these trailers exist purely for staging purposes rather than to indicate something is arriving to the All-Out Warfare portion of the game.

This item will still be available in Battlefield Portal as part of the Battlefield 3 content offering.

7 months ago - /u/T0TALfps - Direct link

Originally posted by IsJustSophie

Damn, i was really hoping for it. Well i hooe this shows that we want more gadgets from portal and everyone want them.

If we ever get some i recomend the AT4 from bc2 and the rpg7 from bc2 too (because of the sights) and maybe the IGLA

It absolutely does, and we'll be sure to relay all of that through to the team too.

We just wanted to ensure that there is transparency at play here, as we wouldn't want you to load the game up for Season 4, full of excitement only to see that it wasnt the case.

That wouldn't be right, and nobody wants that :)

The team is pretty stoked for launch day, and we hope to see y'all jump in on Season 4! :D

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