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The Boreas facility has been breached and AOS, the Boreas artificial intelligence, has hijacked communication centers around the world.

You are the Ascension Company. Your mission: Shut down the emerging threat within the facility.

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Join us on the Battlefield for Dark Protocol, a Limited Time Event between October 31 - November 14*.

Get ready for tight, claustrophobic close-quarters combat… with a twist, where new and unexpected threats lurk around every corner.


Killswitch – Secure The Objective, Contain the Threat

Killswitch is our new limited time game mode. Your objective is to secure AOS nodes, and to use the on-site Forge to create a swarm of synthetic soldiers: Geists, who'll fight alongside anyone that spawns them. Defend your objectives, survive the onslaught, and stop the AI's spread.

Complete the protocol: this is a test you can't afford to fail. It’s a tightly focused, fear-inducing mode where you and your squad will have to master your fears while danger lurks around every corner.

Killswitch is played as 12v12 across Redacted, Manifest, Hourglass, Spearhead.


Secure - AOS nodes are objectives around the level that activate one at a time. Enter the node and hold it until captured, interrupted or otherwise, to score the node, and 1 point for your team. With no capture speed multipliers, a single teammate can hold the point and make capture progress, freeing the rest of the team to set up ambushes and prepare for a counter-attack that is sure to come.


Synthesize - The AOS nodes aren’t the only objective. Boreas’ Geist spawner – the Forge – is online. If you can’t seem to break through the enemy’s defenses, or need more muscle to fortify a held point, interact with the Forge to deploy a small squad of Geists to ambush any enemies foolish enough to engage them.


Survive - Once you take an AOS node, you score 1 point, disabling the node, and activating the next one. Race the enemy to it, and try to hold it as best you can through the barrage of gunfire and Geists. The first team to score 5 points wins.



Master The Switch to Victory

  • Control the Forge: Geists are key in reversing any advantage the enemy team has. Once a Forge is active, it will spawn a wave of Geists every few seconds, regardless of who owns the Forge. You have up until the very last second of a wave being synthesized to change the allegiance of the imminent horde, and turn them to your side.
  • Hidden Threat: Geists are killing machines forged for the hunt. Use a newly synthesized swarm as cover to assault an objective, or to sniff out any enemies in their path. As allied Geists seek enemies, you are free to pick off any distracted foes foolish enough to not pay attention to the hidden predator: You.
  • Fortify: Killswitch is played on some of the smallest objective points across all of our modes. Use your tools to your advantage. Shootdown Sentinels, Insertion Beacons, Claymores, Incendiary Grenades, and Smoke Grenades will all prove vital in a successful ambush or defense.
  • Know your goal: Killswitch objectives, known as Nodes, work differently from Flags. Both teams simultaneously have capture progress, and the first team to hold the Node for the assigned time will take the point. This means that if your team makes 50% progress on a point, and then are pushed off it, you will retain that 50% while the enemy makes their own progress on the point. A comeback is always on the cards, so never let your guard down.

New Rewards

New rewards are available to earn, claim and purchase. Earn Ribbons by playing Killswitch to unlock unique gameplay rewards available during the Dark Protocol event, alongside new purchasable store bundles.


Gameplay Rewards - Week 1:

  • Clawed Ascension - Rare Weapon Charm
  • Sharp Sting - Epic Vehicle Skin
  • Yellowcake - Epic Sundance Specialist Set


Gameplay Rewards - Week 2:

  • Hardcase - Rare Player Card Tag
  • False Dichotomy - Epic Weapon Skin
  • Swift Trust - Epic Weapon Skin


Store Bundles:

  • No Antidote Bundle - 2000 Battlefield Coins
    • Black Light - Legendary Dozer Specialist Set
    • Vector Logic - Legendary RM68 Weapon Skin
    • Rational Agent - Epic Weapon Skin
    • Pincer Movement - SU-57 Vehicle Skin
    • And the Frog - Rare Weapon Charm
    • Closed Circuit - Rare Weapon Skin
    • Reach / Grasp - Epic Player Card Background
    • Hardcase - Rare Player Card Tag


  • Hot Spot Bundle - 2000 Battlefield Coins
    • Panacea - Epic Falck Specialist Skin
    • Grim Trigger - Legendary Weapon Skin
    • Venomous - Epic Vehicle Skin
    • Control Flow - Epic Weapon Skin
    • - Rare Weapon Charm
    • Filtered Out - Falck Epic Headgear
    • Envenomate - Rare Player Card Tag
  • Ascension Company Bundle - 3500 Battlefield Coins

The “No Antidote” and “Hot Spot” in a combined bundle.

Join us this Halloween, and use everything at your disposal to contain the threat during the Limited Time Dark Protocol Event starting October 31. You’re going to need it.

PTFO, and stay alive.

//The Battlefield Team

^(\Includes in-game purchases. Requires Battlefield 2042 (sold separately)* and all game updates to play. Free Battle Pass content requires gameplay to unlock. Premium Battle Pass content requires Season 6 Premium Battle Pass (sold separately) and gameplay to unlock. You must log in each week and claim your weekly reward. Failure to log in and claim during a week will result in forfeiting that week’s reward.)


This announcement may change as we listen to community feedback and continue developing and evolving our Live Service & Content. We will always strive to keep our community as informed as possible.

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Originally posted by HypoTirePressure

Same, just empty space in the post. I tried using the app and just using a browser but no luck

Try now, this should be resolved! :)

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Originally posted by thebearjew_

There has to be deadly murderous synthetic Geist penguins, right???????

Is this what the Penguins have been tampering and stealing things for?!?!! Surely not! :O

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Originally posted by HypoTirePressure

Looks cool! Will there be a visual way to tell if the geists are spawned by your team or the enemies?

Good question! The eyes of the Geists change as well as the exposed internals where the skin layer is ripped dependent upon Enemy & Friendly. And I believe, but don't quote me on this bit - they may also be linked up to the colors selected within your options!