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Prepare yourself for Update 7.2, arriving tomorrow on Battlefield 2042 with our Update Notes which covers all of the incoming changes. This update will take place between 08:00 and 09:00 UTC. Interruptions to online play may be expected during this time.

Update Notes: https://go.ea.com/BF2042-Update-7-2-0


This update also marks the arrival of the XFAD-4 Draugr and DFR Strife LMG. You'll be able to progress and unlock this new gear passively by simply playing and gaining ribbons between May 14th - 28th within any mode of your choice.


Once you've acquired 40 Ribbons, you'll be able to unlock the XFAD-4 Draugr!

This cutting-edge, remote-controlled aerial bomber is capable of crowd control through its use of the MK77 Kerosene or NNEMP load-outs along with a range of other weaponry.

The XFAD-4 Draugr will be available to use on modes that feature multiple jets, with one being available per team at any point in time.


At 80 Ribbons, the DFR Strife LMG becomes unlocked.

This versatile LMG allows you to adapt from one encounter to another based on how you alter its loadout.

From the traditional belt-fed sense of an LMG, to altering it with suppressors and magazines to perform similar to an Assault Rifle.

Customization of your loadout is key with the DFR Strife.


A new mode, Control Unlocked will be available from May 14th-28th.

Control Unlocked is everything you expect from Control but with everything unlocked.

All Weapons, Gadgets, Specialists, and Vehicles will be unlocked where possible.

This provides you with the perfect spot to try out the latest XFAD-4 Draugr and DFR Strife LMG before you have even unlocked them!

See you on the Battlefield 🫡

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