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Get out your pens, pencils, crayons, markers, paint brushes, graphic programs, or whatever art implement you use!

Battlefield 2042 Art Week will run:

  • Oct 24th - October 31st

As we have previously done with the releases of Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V, we are following the tradition of running a Reddit Art Week.

Have your artwork seen by EA/DICE developers, artists, community managers. Get your artwork in front of millions (we'll hit about 30 million page views this month).



Even though we will be allowing various formats of artwork, the formats listed below can be used on this subreddit. If you provide the artwork in the listed formatting, and want it to be used on this subreddit, please let us know. We will use it, at your request, and credit you in the image if you so choose.


  • Sidebar: anything scalable with 300x400. (ie: 900x1200)
  • Snoo: Height & Width equal. (current was 1000x1000 scaled to 60x60)
  • Header and Footer: 4,000x192px


Submission Rules:

  • IMPORTANT: Use the flair "Fan Content" to flair your post. This is how we will keep track submissions, so don't forget to flair them as such.
  • Nothing Vulgar or Crude. Posts will be removed if necessary. Obvious, non user created submissions will be removed.
  • Post as Submission or Text Post, your choice.



Finally the exciting part. Here is a list of the giveaways we have and how the winners will be decided.

Courtesy of Western Digital:

(2) 1TB Western Digital Black SN750 SE NVMe™ SSD Battlefield™ 2042 PC Game Code Bundles

(1) 500 GB Western Digital Black SN750 SE NVMe™ SSD Battlefield™ 2042 PC Game Code Bundles

Courtesy of DICE:

(3) Battlefield 2042 Game Codes - Ultimate Edition (upon, or shortly after release)

Courtesy of r/battlefield2042 moderators u/OddJob001 and u/manimal_prime:

(2) Battlefield 2042 Game Codes - Gold Edition (upon, or shortly after release)



Winners will be announced the week of November 1st.

Winners of the above prizes will be awarded by the following:

Western Digital Prizes:

1 winner from most upvoted submission

1 winner from Most Viewed (via Reddit Insights)

1 winner from most comments by unique username


3 submissions chosen by Guests of DICE

Reddit Moderators:

1 submission chosen

1 random giveaway, via contest thread (open to all r/battlefield2042 subscribers)


Thanks for all your support. We're excited to see what you come up with!

We'll see YOU on the Battlefield.

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Looking forward to seeing your creations! :-)

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