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I'm talking about the option in the control settings that allows us to throw grenades and knives with a single click without needing to equip it in the first place.

Technically you could swap the plus system with the grenade button on console so throwing a grenade would be on L1 again. If you enable fast throwing in the settings it works...

With a stupid twist...

Because the game throws ALL OF YOUR GRENADES/KNIVES at once even if you just click the button once. You're playing Falck with smoke grenades and want to smoke one single mate on the ground? well the game throws both grenades at him, you can't control this. Which is stupid. Even more stupid with throwing knives where the game spams all three knives at once.

If you have this option in your game f*cking fix it to work properly. Because as of right now it's completely useless.

How stupid it looks if you do this

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about 1 month ago - /u/T0TALfps - Direct link

This issue has been responded to several times, it's been passed onto the team to resolve for an upcoming update.