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I think for the beta it's about 10% to happen, so fairly unlucky to not get it in 20 games :( but with that said, we have upped the % for the storm to happen for launch (and also improved timings overall so it won't happen too late in the round)

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I had it 3 games in a row in the space of a few hours. I don't think upping the spawn rate is the right answer. You will water down it's effect. 10% is more than enough imo. It's going to get old quick when it keeps happening.

I get some people never saw it, but it makes it all that more better when it arrives.

Let's hope you have a dial behind the scenes so it's an easy tweak. I assume so, so if it's too much you can dial it down anyway.

I think that's fair, and yeah luckily we can tweak it pretty easily during live so if we find it happens way too often we can tone it down!

However I think it will be less of an issue when you are playing multiple maps, but again if we wanna tone it down etc we can :)

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