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This map has 7 sectors, while every other map we have currently has 5 sectors (except for Exposure with 6), meaning on average ticket drain from sectors in 40% faster. High tempo of this map with people constantly dying on CDE meatrgrinder only amplifies it, leading to comparatively short rounds.

My opinion: add 50% more tickets, or slower ticket drain for this map conquest specifically

Also, rain weather on the new map appears and disappears way too fast. Transition from shiny to wet condition feels like instantaneous and it lasts for like 5 minutes (my guess that weather conditions might be tied to tickets loss)

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We agree. So we changed it:

We have also noticed that Flashpoint Conquest is not living up to our expectations in terms of match length, in response to this here are the updated ticket counts:

Conquest increased from 1300 to 1700 Conquest Small increased from 700 to 1000


9 months ago - /u/Straatford87 - Direct link

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Yeah, saw it. Good job on that

Shout out to mah champ -FriON 🫡