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I have MSI Afterburner/RTSS running in the background, and I also have the FPS showing on the upper right. Since the latest update (Dark Creations), the FPS counter no longer shows, and also, I am not able to take screenshots with Afterburner.

This is what it used to look like before the update, notice the upper right corner -


This is after the update -


The FPS counter no longer works. Its fine with the other games, just seems to not work for BF2042 anymore.

I run the game in borderless window (always did).

Could someone please confirm if MSI Afterburner/RTSS works?

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about 2 months ago - /u/T0TALfps - Direct link

Hey OP,

At the moment the mentioned software is not directly supported by EA Anti Cheat due to the way the software starts up. This is not a Battlefield 2042 thing, but we continue to send the feedback through.