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Originally posted by ZeGermanFox

I don’t see how crouch-running and high vaulting isn’t something they implemented. Easily the best additions to BFV

What do you mean when you say high vaults are missing? They are in the game, we also added vaulting from jumps and sideways/backwards vaults. The system now also supports moving objects.

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Originally posted by anNPC

So I can’t tell are there vehicles enter and exit animations or not?

Enter animations are drastically shorter now and exit anims are mostly removed. This to keep the player in control instead of having to watch the same animation over and over for too long while basically being a sitting duck.

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Originally posted by Call_me_ET

From my experience with the beta, it seemed a bit inconsistent at times, where I'd try to vault over a fence (the same height as fences in previous games) but the game doesn't let me.

Alright, yeah I've seen reports about some assets being too high to vault over when they should clearly be supported. In that case the placement is probably off, so it should be considered as a bug in that case. Good feedback though.

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Originally posted by packman627

Can someone explain to me vaulting from jumps and sideways / backwards vaults?

Is vaulting from jumps like grabbing onto a ledge after you jump? And for backwards vaults how does that look?

Exactly, and backwards/sideways vaults are climbing onto low obstacles only when vaulting in those directions.