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Quick recap of the new Inside #Battlefield Podcast episode:

Work on "All Chat" in #Battlefield2042 is done (coming in a future update).

On the developer's list:

  • Thermal scopes for tanks
  • Skins & attachments for Portal weapons
  • Transport helicopter balance

DICE is also testing Breakthrough in Portal.

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Thanks for the swift recap! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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Originally posted by Strider2126

What about better melee kills?

Or a better weapon balance? People mostly yse the m5 for a reason

โ€œBetter weaponโ€ balance is quite a general comment.

We continuously review our weapon balance and will keep making changes with each update if necessary.

Overall, we can see the pick rate + intended use for weapons; e.g. kill range at a specific range, is healthy and mostly where we want them to be.

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Originally posted by BenBit13

Could some of these numbers be published? Would be very interesting to see.

For now itโ€™s a source: trust me bro

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Originally posted by UniformGreen

Hey there, could you also post it on Youtube or other platforms? Not all of us have access to Spotify and we cannot listen to it :(

It's also on Google and Apple Podcasts.

Not available on YouTube yet, but we're intending to have the next series available there as well.

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Originally posted by InvertedVantage

You guys gonna fix the time nudge issue keeping people (like me) from playing?

Sorry, can you clarify?

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Originally posted by VagabondElio

Was there a timeline on when we might see these changes? Iโ€™m particularly excited about portal weapon skins and attachments being added. That would truly make those weapons feel like they belong in the AoW experience

All-chat during Season 4. Squad Management after Season 4. To be continued on some of the other items mentioned.

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Originally posted by WhoKnows78998

โ€œTheyโ€™re looking into itโ€ was almost always their response. They were very noncommittal and said multiple times they have limited resources

Yes, because we'll get downvoted to hell if plans change and we committed to a specific timeline. And the reality is, timelines for specific changes shift frequently.

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Originally posted by Ok_Professional7599

I would argue that the only change will be your own teammates telling the other team just how trash their own team is. I could see maybe addressing hacking issues but ehhhh....it really doesn't matter to me. It's just incredibly distracting when these lil whiny bois should be focusing on winning instead of arguing with someone they'll never see but that's a larger issue of itself. All chat will only be more distracting imo

We are hoping that the internet will behave. Let's see how that works out once all-chat is available again.. ๐Ÿ˜

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Originally posted by Akoshus

Too bad all off them will be 1000% damage instakill hardcore servers. Iโ€™m repulsed by the portal variety. All I use it for is end-of-season points grind to get the T1 badge.

I often see comments around (lack of) variety of Portal modes. But these tools are available to everyone.

As a general question.. what prevents you from creating the modes you want to play? I'm not asking to throw shade, but instead to ask if there's improvements we can potentially make make you get more value out of Portal.

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Originally posted by evilviking

Call me weird but the return of all chat will get me back in the game more than anything else so far. I hate feeling like I'm playing against bots.

Blow a kiss, fire a gun

We need all-chat to lean on

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Originally posted by SpinkickFolly

The devs personal comments on boris turret should be shooting marshmallows at people if he had his way..... Like you're not wrong, but can I have my T1 badge on him then, all my damage came when BF2042 was released. Lol.

Seriously though, I know there's always more work to be done. But I hope they address how lack luster Boris/Crawfords kits feel compared to Lis who feels like she should be the standard to balance power around for the engineer class.

The solve here would be instead to change his Mastery criteria.

We've been reviewing some Mastery changes, but nothing is final yet.

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Originally posted by squizzi

And DICE said: "let them shit talk once again"

and reddit rejoiced

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Originally posted by BofaEnthusiast

What exactly is the point of listening to that podcast other than to here the devs say "Soon TM" for the 9,000th time.

I'd like to give them a little more credit than just "SOON TM"

Through the Podcasts you'll get context on some questions that you can't get elsewhere, or that we previously haven't answer. For example, why often get asked: "you are not doing X or Z feature or change.. by why?".

We've explained they "why" in the Podcast for many different topics over the course of these first 7 episodes.

Like with the questions for Assist Counts as Kill, or why no full XP for Solo/Coop - we gave detailed answer. You are free to still disagree with those answers, but at least you know our thought process now.

The feedback we got from players is that they wanted more (detailed) answers, so we're trying to do better here.

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Originally posted by BofaEnthusiast

They're not portal guns like you're thinking. They're weapons from previous BF games that normally exist in the "Portal" mode where you can play older BF games. Some of them got moved into the main weapon pool, though they're not on par with the 2042 weapons for the most part.

We call them Vault Weapons.

We've taken several Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 3 and Bad Company 2 weapons from the Portal mode and moved them to All-Out Warfare.

That means you now have more weapons to play with, which is something players asked for.