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Over the coming days, we'll be showcasing several Quality of Life Improvements taking place on Battlefield 2042 ahead of the full Update Notes for 6.2.

Stay tuned for further update threads, and keep it dialled in viaย BattlefieldComm,ย InsideBattlefield, andย Battlefield on X.

With Update 6.2, we'll be rolling out computed impact points that take into consideration several factors such as Vehicle Velocity, Angular Velocity, Gravity, and Drag to draw an accurate impact point of up to 300m.

We'll also align the Vehicle Crosshair on all cameras that are available on Air Vehicles with this point, ensuring that player crosshairs are as accurate as they can be.

This feature will behave as a reliable impact point on vehicles with one weapon such as Jets.

However, Air Vehicles that feature two weapons under their wings like the MD540 Nightbird will perform slightly differently.

We'll calculate the distance on both of the weapons and come to an average of both which defines the impact point.

All of this is with the intent of improving player readability and allowing you to anticipate your hits with greater precision.


As always, the team will continue to review player feedback and stats once this update goes live.

Keep sharing your voice, and we'll see you on the Battlefield!

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