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I can totally give the shoddy cosmetic shop a pass so long as we get cosmetics that are exclusively unlocked through completing end game content, in-game achievements, and other challenging content drops ( a little RNG for extra replay value). I have no issue with spending money on a game that I enjoy, and I intend to buy cosmetics once there are items that I want in the shop, but I love things to work towards during the end game other than my stats.
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We don’t have any information to share yet regarding the implementation of purchasable MTX. Our priority is getting Last Epoch ready for an official launch next year - and that means focusing on content such as classes, specialization trees, and endgame. :slight_smile:

I would suggest keeping an eye on this support article where we track the MTX from supporter packs which are currently implemented, and this category if you’re also interested in other supporter pack contents such as the soundtrack. Thanks for supporting us!

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Espinoza <3