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Flat damage (and all other offhand item stats) are applied just like every other stat, they apply the same in main, offhand and all other slots. If you have a rogue with 2x daggers and you swap the hands they are in, nothing changes.


Originally posted by t-had

I checked twice but I might have missed it, is there an ETA in there I didn't see?

Also, stoked for rogue / dual wielding :D

Dec 4 :)

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We are pleased to announce that with Beta 0.8 we will be introducing dual wielding to Last Epoch!

One of our pillars of design is class identity - introducing different dual wielding options for each class is another opportunity for us to make each class stand out from one another. The Primalist will be able to brandish an axe or sword in his offhand, the Rogue can use either a sword or dagger in her offhand, and Sentinels and Spellblades will have access to swords in their offhand slots. Dual wielding will be enabled via a passive point investment. None of these restrict which one-handed weapons can be used in your main hand while dual wielding. This means that a Sentinel can use mace main hand + sword offhand, but not a sword main hand + mace offhand.


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23 Nov


Sorry to hear you’re having this issue! If you post the crash reports for the game listed in this support article we can take a look. But, it sounds like this may be a hardware-specific issue, which means there might not be much we can do to solve it.


Thanks for posting an update! I really appreciate it.

For clarification-- could you confirm that enabling v-sync in the settings window inside the game did not help temperatures? You mentioned that you tried lots of settings, but I want to make sure. Did you have v-sync enabled in-game after making the changes in your AMD settings?

20 Nov

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Coming from the shadows, a swift blade…
The Rogue accepts her next hit. :crossed_swords: Coming December 4, 2020.


My apologies for this issue! The error shown in your logs is one we have seen multiple times from people with Nvidia graphics cards. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to replicate the problem internally, which has slowed progress.

However, we have one potential fix that will be implemented in our next patch, Beta 0.8. Please let us know if you continue to experience this issue after the patch is released, and upload a new set of crash reports if so. Thanks!


I’m sorry to hear that you’re having this issue! As Last Epoch is an early access game, its optimization isn’t as complete as a released game and this is something we continue to work on with every patch. While we want to avoid these situations, it’s something that will have to be improved over time.

While 80-90 degrees celsius is not an ideal temperature, 90 degrees can certainly be within the expected operating temperature of your GPU, depending on what the exact card you have is. I don’t believe this represents a serious personal safety hazard - unless there is a already a critical hardware fault a graphics card will not catch on fire or similar.

While there isn’t an immediate fix I can offer from our side, I would recommend looking up the maximum operating temperature for your graphics card to determine the severity of this problem. You can also use monitoring software like Afterburner to see if your graphics card’s frequency decreases at that temperature, which in...

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19 Nov


Sorry about that! I’ve tried to reproduce this issue and haven’t had any luck. If this happens again, could you please upload your log file? Thanks.


Thanks, I’ve made a note of this internally.


Thanks, I’ve made a note of this internally. If you walk to the left a bit first it should work.


I’ve taken a look at this and I think the problem is that the second half (on the other side of the dots) does not get lit up immediately after putting points into a node regardless of how you opened the skill tree.

When you close and reopen the skill tree after unlocking a new node, the second half is lit up correctly.

I’ve made a note of this internally.


That’s not a bug really since that’s the sound that’s intended to play, but I’ll pass on the feedback about volume. Thanks!


I just tested this and found that the increased mana regen effect is working.

However, the character sheet’s entry for mana regen doesn’t seem to update automatically. Could you try closing and re-opening the character sheet after changing your lightning resistance? If your mana regen still doesn’t change, let us know.

Thanks for the report!


Are you experiencing this with minion abilities (i.e. Summon Wolf)? If so, this is a known issue that we haven’t had a chance to fix yet.

If you’re having this happen on a non-minion skill please let us know. Thanks!

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