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Hi there meridian, sorry to hear that happened. It’s unlikely that we can fix it. I suspect that the save files may have gotten deleted and it’s gone back to the old system in the registry which is why almost everything is gone except a very old unique item. I’m assuming that the shards which remained are all older ones too.

There are a couple possibilities that we might be able to use to recover it. First up, if you have linked your steam account, the cloud save may have kept a copy online.

We also keep a backup version in the save folder that you might get lucky with too.

In C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch\Saves you’ll find Epoch_Local_Global_Data_Beta and Epoch_Local_Global_Data_Beta_temp. If the temp version is quite a bigger than the non-temp version, you can rename the non-temp version to Epoch_Local_Global_Data_Beta.bak and then rename the temp version to Epoch_Local_Global_Data_Beta. This will restore the last version ...

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Thanks guys, great links. Just for the record, we know exactly how to fix the zone respawning problem. We’ve had a plan in place for it for years that is still going to work well. It should happen for offline and online around the same time that multiplayer launches.

It’s one of those things that we could have spent a huge amount of dev time fixing knowing that we would have to scrap and redo after multiplayer or just live with it as is until then. We know it’s frustrating now but the game will be better overall because of this.

If you’re getting a different error could you please post it? Uploading your log file would help as well. Sorry about the hassle!

They can still be gambled for though.


Bone Nova was an old skill that got removed. It is cast as a sub ability by several skills including Bone Golem. I also just got finished revamping all those skill tooltips so they are aligned with skills in 0.7.9.

Hi guys, seems like you’re having a vigorous debate. I just wanted to pop my head in and say that we won’t be splitting the community based on respec options. It will continue to be a blanket system.

That said, the system as a whole could change still. It’s not set in stone and we do want it to be something that players enjoy interacting with as a whole. We know it’s not perfect. We do have a vision for important requirements that can sometimes be difficult to reconcile with expectations from other games.

06 Jul

I’m in the US, so I was neither on the forum or working this weekend :slight_smile:

I do understand it’s frustrating to be unable to play and go a few days without responses. The log file you provided does line up with other people that have reported similar issues on Nvidia graphics cards. The Fallback handler could not load library messages are benign.

We have a potential solution that we’re looking to implement. I’m working with developers on this issue but there are some other high priority tasks that came up internally. At this point it will be included in 0.7.9, rather than another hotfix update to 0.7.8.

I’ll speak with the team about ways we can make corpses more performant.

I’m not sure it would be appropriate to implement a toggle for anything that affects gameplay. As the game has skills that interact with corpses they should be visible if at all possible.

Done. :slight_smile:


LE-15 points to a connectivity issue. We have a support article on it here.

One other useful troubleshooting step (which I’ll add to the above article) would be to try ...

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05 Jul

Please restore your health responsibly.

Welcome! :smiley:

AMD cards


0.7.8f fixed the main bug that was affecting AMD users, so any further reports of issues on AMD graphics cards should be treated as a different bug.

Anyone that is having crashing issues should check the known issues thread and make a new post in technical support if the issue isn’t listed. Thanks!

AMD cards


Sorry to hear that. Could you please make a new thread in Technical Support and include the information listed in this support article? Thanks!

This is a known bug-- thanks for the report.


Are you referring to this bug or did something else happen? We haven’t implemented a fix for that in a public release yet, but it’s on our radar.

This is a known bug. Thanks for the report!

@BladeAndShadow Could you post a screenshot of that, since you’re in a different zone? Typically we need to fix this kind of issue on a case-by-case basis. Thanks!

04 Jul

Yea, Lagon is a little funky…

03 Jul

Thanks, the issue is that the forum is failing to display their descriptions.

I’ve added this to the Known Issues sticky thread.

Thanks for the report!

Please do continue to bring stuff to our attention - big ‘n’ small, we want to fix it all.

(Hey, I’m a poet and I know it!)

Thanks for the detailed report! I’ve confirmed this and made a note of it internally.

Thanks, I’ve made a note of this internally.

You can download the game from your account page. Thanks!

Personally, I think it should just use slot 4 and the UI could morph slightly to make it clear. That way it’s always in the proper order. I feel like most people who do want a skill on click want different ones.

I know this might seem silly but some skills are actually doing work behind the scenes even when you aren’t using them. It’s supposed to be extremely minimal, like a single check that computers from decades ago wouldn’t blink at but I was just checking in case one of those things might have gone wrong or a strange combination was causing problems.

But if this happens with a brand new character without moving at all, it’s very unlikely.

Do you have a software VPN? Are you maintaining focus on the program (not alt-tabbing)?

We could use the output log files to maybe see something. I’m on mobile so getting the exact path is tough. It’s available at

This is a very s...

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