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A while ago I read that they were going to implement increased turret speed for tanks, around the 15th of December or so.

I started playing before that, in the last days of November but it seems to me like the tanks turret speeds have stayed the same.

Am I missing something?

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These changes are coming in the 3.2 Update which also brings the return to the class system. You can expect that update to become available towards the end of January.

As a reminder, here is the article that originally announced the changes: https://www.ea.com/games/battlefield/battlefield-2042/news/dev-notes-vehicles-in-season-3

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It’d be cool if you put up a page for addressing issues and complaints. And how you’re dealing with them. Like long term things. That way the community doesn’t feel out of the loop on long term balance. Because a lot of people think helicopters are op and you buffed them. It’d be great to hear a good reason, like “we’re going to nerf it’s armor soon and we’re afraid it’ll be too weak”.

I also don’t think the railgun nerf goes far enough.

The best places right now to follow news and updates are here:
- https://www.ea.com/games/battlefield/battlefield-2042/news

- https://twitter.com/BattlefieldComm/

You'll find us post updates there around specific topics, such as the blog we did for vehicles.