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Has anyone else experienced mouse sensitivity randomly lowering after the patch? Every few minutes my mouse sensitivity will drop to nearly 0 for a few seconds before going back to normal again.

I'm using a logitech g502, and my ingame performance has been fine, this issue specifically only started after the patch.

I was playing 30 minutes before the update and it was fine, right after patching it started immediately. I'm really unsure how to even go about troubleshooting this one, but its extremely frustrating.

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Hello, is it possible to understand if you're still experiencing this?


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Originally posted by derfleischmann

Yup, its still happening for me at least unfortunately. Thanks for reaching out!

Possible to record some footage of it?

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Originally posted by AdministrativeWin729

Here you go, just started the game to clip the bug and ALT + F4 this thing again

Around at the end, before moving down the stairs, the bug starts again. My Highlights are set at 1 minute each, video is 43 seconds long - that means, the bug appears around each minute for a few seconds. Doesnt sound that long, but it literally makes the game unplayable since it mostly happens mid-fight. Its not that noticeable in the video, but thats the best I could get without being forced to play for any longer.

Thank you! Every bit of insight helps, I'll get it sent through! Appreciated!