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I'm approaching 2,000 hours playtime & Breakthrough is my most played mode, but the balancing is atrocious. I wanted to pass along some suggestions in hope that the right people will see this. I made a quick YouTube video on the topic if you are interested---> https://youtu.be/9JvcwFc5KR0


Playing defense on breakthrough is unbearable. The offense ALWAYS has a vehicle advantage. My suggestion would be to either reduce overall vehicle count OR give the defense vehicle counters. For example, if the offense has a super hind maybe give the defense a wildcat or an attack chopper to help keep the hind off of the infantry. There are many fun combinations to consider. I just find it frustrating when I que into a defense game and the only vehicle support we have is 2 LATVs... I honestly don't mind vehicles, but I would like Breakthrough to be more infantry focused.


Since we don't have that many maps to choose from, I figured let's switch up the layouts for every map & put them on a rotation. So there are certain areas of the map you NEVER see unless you play Conquest ( Ex: Hourglass - Stadium or Flashpoint - Underground Tunnel) Why not have 2 or 3 layouts PER MAP to give us access to all the assets available? Maybe do certain layouts in reverse order? I think this would be an easy change that would also help the game feeling fresh.

Thank you for checking out my post. Let me know if you support these changes or what you would like to see done differently for Breakthrough.

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We've just shared a survey which touches upon certain elements of Breakthrough, make it count ;)


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