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We have made some adjustments to the minimap to allow for improved context such as height differences etc. This is a very interesting clip here and I'll get it sent through.

Thank you for that wobble wobble!

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Yeah it's super strange and not something I was even able to find mentioned anywhere else before. Something that may be worth noting is I'd been having no issues since season 4 release, was using Nvidias 531.18 driver's and had been absolutely fine for days. Haven't played for a couple days and tried to play this morning but 2042 would just constantly crash to desktop with no errors when just trying to load up the game to get to the menu. Rolled back my drivers to 528.49 and the game now runs again but peformance in general now feels not quite right as well as the minimap issue etc

So this is taking place after the rollback?

Are you able to indicate what specs you're running on, what graphic setting level too?

Are there any netcode indicators popping up when this delayed response is taking place?

First I've seen of this but will absolutely get this through to the crew to look into!