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Heads up folks we wanted to give you a couple of heads up on a few things before the weekend.

First off, there'll be a change in this week's rotation.

FridayNightBattlefield's mode this week will now be Fast Conquest instead of the planned Rush Chaos XL. Rush Chaos will make its return in a future rotation.

We've had some of you raise confusion about when you can earn the rewards within FNB, you can now work towards the Weapon Charm, Playercard, and Tag by participating this weekend.


Separately, We're aware of the reported interactions between the DRFM and Stealth Cloaking on the Draugr, where it pulls players out of stealth and allows for a lock-on.

This is unintended and will be fixed in the next game update.

At this moment in time, we recommend you use one defensive ability at a time rather than using them together.

See you out there!

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