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Hi guys, yesterday I had the official confirmation of a Battlefield 2042 easter egg, which although Simple, is something extremely beautiful, and that goes far beyond a game. I'm from Brazil and at the time of BF4 there was a Battlefield YouTuber called "Mighty", a kid of about 12, who loved the franchise and tried hard to make the best videos possible. Unfortunately Mighty had cancer, and passed away in 2015, Mighty was a really special kid, one of his big dreams was to be able to help "doctors without borders", really, what kid dreams with that? His father Anderson continued to produce content on his channel to keep his son's memory alive. With the announcement of BF2042, Anderson made a video asking for any help possible to get any little Easter Egg into the game that would immortalize his son's memory, they used to play Battlefield 4 together before their son left, and it was mighty's favorite game, so Battlefield rly means a lot. A Brazilian ea game changer heard the story and got in touch with EA, and EA did something amazing, heard this story, of a simple father who lost his son, and decided to name one of the game's Bots by the name of "Col .L. Mighty" in honor of the boy. So when you find a bot in the game, on your team or opposing team, called "Col. L. Mighty", you know for some people it is much more important than a simple bot, know it represents the memory of a dear child , who can be on your father's side again, one more time, on the battlefields.

DICE/EA's letter in English:

To the most powerful soldier in his hardest battle. For your bravery and courage. For making the world a better place for everyone who knew him. Battlefield celebrates the bravest of soldiers, granting him the highest rank on the battlefield: COL. L. MIGHTY. His memory will always be preserved and honored by us and everyone around the world. Thanks for inspiring people around you. Every time we meet at the game... WE SALUTE YOU, COLONEL!


ps: the boy's father is not me, we just have the same name


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This was an incredibly sad story, and I'm glad our team was able to do something to honor Mighty.

His father is still running the channel, you can check it out here (in Portuguese): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI7JcZ2PqARtQZvJatpYAiA

Please send your love their way, they will definitely appreciate it ❤

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