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I believe BF games are at their absolute best when you have a functional squad supporting each other. In that regard, I think 2042 took a massive step backward. I think this is arguably the biggest issue with 2042, even more than map design, specialists, etc.

What should be done to fix this for the next game?

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Pretty good thread, with solid and mature feedback. Love to see it!

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Originally posted by DPsx72

I wouldn't fix it. Randos can't be trusted and I prefer to be self sufficient in case the rando roulette doesn't play nice. It's still a team game so that's good enough.

That's not really Battlefield mentality though, sure self sufficiency goes a long way but relying on your team will ultimately secure those wins in a much more reliable way?

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You also can't set squad orders when you're downed or dead, so getting hosed in the middle of setting an objective can cause you to lose squad leadership too

Will fire this stuff through to the team responsible for squad order functionality!