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As we get closer to the reveal of Season 7 for Battlefield 2042, we wanted to begin touching upon some key gameplay changes set to take place!

First up is Weapon Recoil, take a look below to see how Assault Rifles, SMGs and LMGs will be feeling different in the upcoming Season.

With Season 7, we wanted weapons to feel more unique and powerful when it comes to firing them, as such we have made changes to how visual recoil is handled within the game and tuned them to the vision for each weapon.

Similar to the work that had taken place with Season 5 and Camera Sprint Motion, these changes will be more subtle to some of you while being more apparent to others.

It's an effort to create a more vivid firing experience, which will provide more visual emphasis on the weight and power of a weapon as you fire whilst aiming down sights.

Going forward we hope these changes will now provide distinct character to each weapon's gameplay and visual expectation, while also ramping up the immersive experience without impacting gameplay viability.


How that translates into the game!

Assault Rifles will now feel snappier as you fire down your sights, and the punch that they will offer will vary depending on which type of Assault Rifle you're using. Within the comparison above, you will see that an LMG is far more punchier and feels more impactful when firing.

This change also extends to Submachine Guns, and once you get to grips with these changes once Battlefield 2042 Season 7 lands you will notice that there are distinct behaviours not only on a per-weapon archetype basis but on a per-weapon basis too.

We want to hit the sweet spot and are looking forward to your feedback on how this plays for you.

To us, visual recoil is equally an audio-visual experience as it is a gameplay relational reality; We want it to feel great and exciting while not detracting from the weapon's gameplay viability.

At the same time, we expect that some meta's may or may not change due to the new behaviours visually.

Please keep us posted on your thoughts!

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