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Hello BF2042 Community,

I've played numerous Battlefield games and skipped out on 2042 originally because I wanted to see where it would go. Eventually I installed it a couple days ago and have been playing it (and having fun!)

That being said, I've noticed that my TN ping randomly sky rockets into the thousands causing game breaking levels of lag and input delay, etc. I saw a few links online about it happening and it's probably server side or something. Has DICE said anything about fixing these server issues? I saw posts complaining about it from months ago or longer, so they have to know right? I play with crossplay on because I figured the population probably isn't that good and want to be able to find games quicker, would playing with crossplay disabled be any help?

Thanks for reading. I hope the issue gets fixed as it's happening in almost every game I play and it's really discouraging me from trying to level up most weapons since I just slide around on ice skates everywhere and can't shoot anything.

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28 days ago - /u/T0TALfps - Direct link

Hey there, is it possible for you to let us know what mode you're experiencing this on?