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Joined in season 3 and ive loved the game but the last 2 weeks its like the hamster on the wheel thats keeping their servers powered has finally died.

Every match is either half full of AI or i have a ping of 250+. Even my first game on the new map last night was 30/40% AI. I refuse to believe theres that little amount of people playing. I log in tonight first 2 games absolute ridiculous amount of lag so it’s unplayable and i gave up.

Regrettably downloading the mw3 beta so i have something to actually play. Will Dice ever sort it out?

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Hey, this is something we continue to work on resolving, it is indeed an ongoing issue. Is it possible for you to let us know what territory and platform you're on, and what mode are you seeing it occur in?

We've been on this for the past day or so, and continue to iron it out :)

Thanks for the patience!