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I love that there's a bunch of threads and comments talking about things being significantly better. Then they come out and say "sorry guys just a bug we actually meant to make the game worse for you all".

We are aware that there are many players who would prefer console only matchmaking - we’ve seen the comments coming out of the weekend.

Yea, there are also players who do enjoy PC vs console cross play. I’m not here to discuss with that group now though.

So what I’ll add is that im definitely forwarding the feedback on the current experience to our teams. It will give us serious thought to review if we want to change this behavior in the future.

For now, we are resolving the “bug” to ensure our current intended gameplay (PC vs console cross play) is restored.

And while we have new datapoints to review now as a team, that might not lead to the changes you are hoping for. I do want to be transparent about that.

In short, the bug has been fixed but we definitely heard your feedback.