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BF1942 came out a year after I finished school (secondary/high), where they told me that game development wasn't a valid career choice and I should pick something else 🙃

Came out 19years ago if I'm not mistaken? In another 19years it'll be 2040 gulp

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Originally posted by TheTalkingCookie

I want to get into gaming development. Currently in my third year for Computer Science and people still say game development isn't a valid career choice lol. Video games are very popular and highly accepted now but I guess people will still say that. Any advice?

Make cool sh*t, show people it.

With so much great software available these days, with zero barrier to entry, there is no excuse not to have some experience in something.

Doesn't have to be anywhere near the scale of a AAA game, or even an Indie for that matter. Whether it's a small environment scene in Unreal, some 3D models in Blender or a mini game in Unity.

Make cool stuff, and have fun while you're doing it. Never lose the fun aspect, games have to be fun.

Best of luck on your career endeavours!

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Originally posted by gatsby712

Looking forward to the Battlefield 2042 remake in 21 years.

Let's just hope it doesn't turn out like the Simpsons where everything becomes true.

Oh man this hits me right in the feels. I see myself in the top, 12 years old playing the Battlefield 1942 beta with my friends. Now 19 years later I had the honor of designing the beta map for Battlefield 2042 :')

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Originally posted by sterrre

There is a little barrier for entry, you have to own a tower computer or a good laptop in order to use programs like blender. Lots of people live paycheck to paycheck and don't own or can't afford a computer.

I used a library growing up, which had a PC that could be used. Libraries have only gotten better over the years. But it is a fair point you bring up.