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Originally posted by snubsalot

Removed the remaining Aim Down Sight deploy adjustments for the Extended Magazines.

What is this talking about?

Some time ago (looking back now, it's scary how time flies!) we had introduced a change that resulted in Extended Magazines and Drum Magazines having a slower Aim Down Sight than weapons without such attachments.

Following the feedback, and alongside our own view that it needed further adjustments we had removed most of those changes - this is speaking to some of the final elements, for Extended Magazines :)

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Originally posted by sxtm24

Are they gonna do something about thermal sights not unlocking/progressing on certain weapons ? Been a week, I can’t still can’t unlock thermal on AK and M5

Can you let us know what the issue is? Had you progressed through the unlock criteria and it's not unlocking or are you unable to work toward the unlock criteria?

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Originally posted by thedirkfiddler

Still no fix for the vehicle selection screen? Got glitched two patches ago, now if you’ve selected a vehicle die and try to get another one, it won’t countdown the numbers for respawn and it doesn’t refresh for you to choose.

Will send this through for the team to look into, if there is any additional information - let us know! :)

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Originally posted by WhoKnows78998

Probably “Tracer dart duration reduced from 16 seconds to 10 seconds”

Pffft, actually it's 15!

It looks better to round them out to even numbers!

We have indeed already begun working on the Update Notes for 4.1.0 though :)

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Originally posted by balloon99

Very happy to see the tracer dart get some attention.

In particular the increase in active time from 12 to 16 seconds.

It was hit far too hard with the nerf bat last time, knocking it into near uselessness. The increased uptime in very welcome.

As stated in one of our earlier Update Notes, we'll continue to keep an eye on the Tracer Dart and make changes where necessary. Hope it now sits in a better place for you, once it's released!

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Originally posted by Krypton091

no fix for lock on missiles randomly firing into the sky :(

This is on our radar, and we are working to fix it.