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lets collaborate again as one HUGE community and complete another stealth changes list together! This time for update 1.0!

Reply bellow all stealth and hidden changes that you guys encountered! those which have not been included in patch notes.


This list may contain fixes and also additions or any smaller improvements. These may differ also by platforms and users and etc. so for you it might not be difference or change/fix. But most of them are verified and if not. I will mention it.

Verification process is based on how much users reports these stealth changes (if vast majority does) then these changes will advance to in-game verification process. (This one may differ by: platform, settings and etc.)

I will also try to avoid obvious bugs. But 100% for sure I will accidentally include few. Or even accidentally add some twice.

There is chance that I may also include few which has been included in official patch notes by DICE.

sincerely and only with best regards - Grayback the Elder


All stealth changes that community found out about:

  • #1 changed title screen. Now shows new specialist “Ewelina Lis” when you start the game.

  • #2 Changed xp tracker on main menu. source Carpo on discord

  • #3 New lock on symbol for vehicles - was a red square, it is now yellow with a crosshair.

  • #4 You X - Y Foe is back after you die

  • #5 The boring ship is now replaced by a much more inviting military base on the new map (menu background in AOW)

  • #6 When in the “waiting for players” screen, at the bottom of the screen now it shows exactly how many players are in the lobby(EX:50/64)

  • #7 circa 30 tiers of battlepass content of Season 1 content is visible except Exposure map.

  • #8 There are new first person animations for example saying "Thank you" via the communication wheel makes the player give a thumbs up also you point at targets when you spot them. EXAMPLE HERE

  • #9 Also the performance is much better (may vary due different platforms, PC builds and etc.) FPS VIDEO

  • #10 there are new visual effects like sparks for the defibrillator.

  • #11 The spawn beacon is now actually larger and has a big tripod.

I really like the change: https://imgur.com/a/qURtpMH

  • #12 Irish's trophy system now also has a large tripod underneath it: https://imgur.com/a/f9rShEp

  • #13 The HUD has seen some slight visual changes. Ammo count is less teal now, and inventory slots are darker. Screenshot

  • #14 Squad revives now give 75 XP instead of 50

  • #15 When flying you can actually see where the lock-on is coming from and you can see the missle flying (there is like an UI around the missle coming your way). It's a neat change.

  • #16 Capture zones change color depending who owns them

  • #17 MVP scene had been updated, no more cringe voiceline, specialist pose also has been updated

  • #18 I think they updated the calling for help voiceline when downed, now the characters seems to sound more like they are in pain (needs more validation)

  • #19 Title screen now replaced showing orbital shot of earth and satellite. (No more season 1 screen)

  • #20 you can now preview and zoom stuff on your specialist video

  • #21 Wildcat’s AA cannon has been buffed - it has higher rate of fire and less spread in short range. Much more usable on aircraft

  • #22 font for chat and subtitles has been changed.

  • #23 weapon showcase at end of the round has been updated.

  • #24 When Flag has been captured, lost, sector lost etc. Top part of screen now only shows text and not transparent square that goes across the top part of screen.

  • #25 Default camo textures for most weapon has been improved. The SCAR got new darker texture and visual option with Light Pressure Switch is gone?

  • #26 Feels like bots use much more often AH.

  • #27 When firing weapons, smoke particles seem to appear at the end of the barrel added - overal graphics, light and particles seem to be improved

  • #28 Did they change health regen? Seems to occur faster now. (YEP, they really did… lol)

  • #29 Input lag on past gen consoles seems to be have been fixed. Game plays way better now. I also think they've improved aim assist

  • #30 Nightbird roll physics have been completely broken. It now fights against you and tries to orient yourself upwards when no mouse input is applied, which ruins your ability to fly properly.

Some sort of gyro stabilizer is in play? Keeps horizontally correcting helis behavior.

  • #31 The stinger has a new visual effect when launching involving some kind of explosive box falling off, and the smoke effect has been changed.

  • #32 Anyone else notice hitmarker changes? I think they got larger. (MORE LIKE IN BETA)

  • #33 New sound effect is played when trying to activate quick repair in a vehicle while it's still unavailable and reloading.

  • #34 Using the quick repair in a vehicle now instantly shows the amount of health that will be given over time.

  • #35 Using the spot button to mark an objective seems to have been improved with a larger radius than before (really need more testing though).

  • #36 The chatbox is slightly different (different font, margins/inner spaces changes, now also has a text cursor).

  • #37 Condor/Super Hind now have updated icons on the minimap.

  • #38 Flares are less effective on short range and don't seem to have any effect on incoming missiles (maybe a bug?).

  • #39 (bug) Commorose is now broken and can be stuck in a loop

  • #40 AI soldiers started to ping targets.

  • #41 (bug) The old bug is back. Unable to aim after exiting the vehicle.

  • #42 Upon death, the enemy's kill card will now show at the same time as the revive timer circle.

  • #43 Instead of cutting off player control immediately at the end of the round, the screen now fades to black and the player can continue to control themselves for a few more seconds.

  • #44 New tuktuk icon on map/minimap Also, icon for jeeps is new too.

  • #45 Minimap changes with color palette and etc.

  • #46 Overall visual UI changes for a better

  • #47 Repair tool is working way better on transport helicopters too. Haven't tried it on a Night bird yet though

  • #48 They reanimated the pointing animation added a few patches ago. It looks a lot better now.

  • #49 Footstep sounds on different materials and surfaces seems majorly improved.

  • #50 "Added a UI Widget for Breakthrough that informs defenders of being spotted when the last sector is lost"

  • #51 You can remove sniper scope from sniper kar98 and enfield in portal. Also BAR has attachment slot - it points to bipod but it says "sniper scope".

  • #52 medical crates now work instantly on deployment. It used to take a second or two for your soldier to pick up meds and start healing, but now the moment it hits the ground you start healing.

  • #53 More serious voicelines at the start of the matches.

  • #54 Menus are 60fps again

  • #55 The colour grading and lighting has been changed on all maps

  • #56 New lightning effects on Manifest VIDEO HERE

  • #57 New snow effects on Breakaway

  • #58 Specialists and guns now get more wet when it’s raining

  • #59 Third person camera for vehicles no longer randomly bounces

  • #60 Less stutter(but still some)

  • #61 HDR calibration is finally available (on PS5 anyway)

  • #62 Menus and options have been completely redesigned

  • #63 Added very small icon for fire mode (full auto/semi auto/burst) in HUD, in primary/secondary weapon box. No need to ADS to check fire mode, although that functionality remains.

  • #64 Choosing a skin for a vehicle (didn't test for weapons), brings a confirmation

  • #65 The crosshair for the Pistols has changed. I'm betting other crosshairs have as well.

  • #66 Locations of cosmetics in the menu have been shuffled.

  • #67 The rocket barrage in the MAV is much more lethal. Faster trajectory and, I think, higher damage. Barrage Missiles recharge a lot faster now.

  • #68 12M shotgun felt like it had its rate of fire increased. I don't think it fired this fast before. (Needs more testing)

  • #69 Smoke Grenade - smoke is bigger now and lasts longer

  • #70 Kinetic Grenades from vehicles bounce once or twice now, overall behaving a lot better

  • #71 Underbarrell grenade launchers do now resupply from angels bit ammo crate again. did not work before. (you had to change to a grip or something, resupply, change back to underbarrell and then it worked) now it just works without any workaround

  • #72 You get points for claiming door panels for your team. Like turning the red panels to green

  • #73 Network settings have been added to the general section of the options menu.

  • #74 Anyone else feel like the GVT 45-70 had it's one shot range reduced or completely removed?

  • #75 Rate of fire for AC-42 has been lowered

  • #76 ⁠ When you run over ammo crate. Your hand will do “pick up” animation.

  • #77 New sound effect has been added when your xp is summing up at end of the round screen

  • #78 PS5 seems to have weird input delay going on.

  • #79 Irish’s headgear “mr graves” don’t have beard anymore and it’s our boy Irish from BF4!

  • #80 if you want to notify your downed teammate that your are “incoming medic” and you aim on him. It does now show little arrows around his icon.

  • #81 at end of the round all vehicles gets destroyed and will not be on end of round screen anymore.

  • #82 whole game has received darker tone in overall lighting.

  • #83

  • #84

  • #85

  • #86

  • #87

  • #88

  • #89

  • #90

  • #91

  • #92

  • #92

  • #93

  • #94

  • #95

  • #96

  • #97

  • #97

  • #98

  • #99

  • #100

  • #101

  • #102

  • #103

  • #104

  • #105

  • #106

  • #107

  • #108

  • #109

  • #110

  • #111

  • #112

  • #113

  • #114 final number of all stealth changes from previous: Update 4.0 (0.4.0) stealth changes list let’s see if we can exceed it. Probably not but future is still uncertain.





all previous STEALTH CHANGES list posts for past updates


if I replied “added” and you still don’t see your stealth change. It’s because it is in process of validation

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Originally posted by Sighberpunk

There used to be a revive limit before, now you can keep reviving the same guy forever. Also when playing angel you can hear dead players ping their requests revive, it’s very annoying when there’s a lot of dead people and some people spam it

I doubt this has been removed, there should be a 5s period after which you can't be revived if you die again after being recently revived. This has been in the game since launch. If that isn't working then chances are that this is more of a bug :)

28 days ago - /u/DRUNKKZ3 - Direct link

Originally posted by Sardunos

"#28 Did they change health regen? Seems to occur faster now. (YEP, they really did… lol)"


28 Did they change health regen? Seems to occur faster now. (YEP, they really did… lol)

This hasn't changed, health regeneration is still 5HP/s after being out of combat for 5s (not taking damage).

28 days ago - /u/DRUNKKZ3 - Direct link

Originally posted by linkitnow

Could always do that with SPACE on PC.

It has always been there indeed but there was no UI for it for a long time so I don't think a lot of people know about it :)