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It seems that every time there is a new Battlefield game or beta release there's a huge wave of people posting their clips of the funniest and weirdest moments they have encountered in the game. To me, it creates even more hype around the game. Even if they are just clips of the game breaking, (Tank or plane glitching, etc.) Something about battlefields clips, whether they be funny, glitchy, or just plain awesome, they are really something you can only experience in battlefield. And I cant wait to experience that again.

TLDR; I'm itching to play and I cannot wait to browse this sub seeing everyone's clips of their funniest and amazing moments

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Watched a teammate drive a LATV4 off the top of a building today, quickly prompting a bunch of others to jump off and take the fight to the ground level, with a firefight taking place in the air via parachute. Fun stuff.

Looking forward to seeing your clips.