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I see a lot of posts recently where people are very concerned about the profanity filter in the chat. Is it really that big of a deal? I am asking sincerely.

I've played 1000s of hours of BF since BF1942 - and I've never ever seen a productive conversation going on in the chat. It's always, always f*ck you, f*ck this, f*ck that. MG32 bob that, sniper noob this.

Am I part of a silent majority that really doesn't care about the text chat?

EDIT: Wow, this is hot-button issue. I see one of the main arguments is that the game is rated M for mature, so you should be able to write anything you want. Personally I feel that is the weakest argument of all.
Being able to wish death upon people in a chat box just because the game is rated M is for a lack of better words, stupid - in my personal opinion.

Edit 2: I see that this is an obviously polarising issue. But the DMs with the hateful messages sort of proves my point. Reddit should implement the same profanity filter.

This is ridiculous.

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I’m gonna weigh in on this as a dev here for just a hot second:

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