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During the beta I was having sub-optimal performance so I decided to do some tinkering to see what was going on. As it turns out, DICE has made a nice upgrade to Frostbite's FPS counter. Now it displays how many frames your CPU and GPU are rendering individually.

I have an 8700k @ 5ghz, 3080, 32GB DDR4 @ 3200, and I had the beta on my NVMe. My 8700k was struggling to keep above 60 fps with constant fluctuations and dips. I didn't get to record my 1% frames but I'm sure they were abysmal. My CPU wasn't being entirely utilized either. However my 3080 was rendering 140+ @ 2k with no issues.

Here is some gameplay I recorded from the beta with the FPS counter on. The quality isn't very good, but the next video I link you can see the counters well, skip to that if you want to see the counters for yourself.

  • First line is CPU FPS counter. You can see it turn red and yellow. IIRC, yellow is below 60 FPS and red is below 45 FPS.
  • Second line is called "sim" which I assume is System Internal Memory and it always display 45 FPS. I don't think it has a bearing on actual performance.
  • Third line is the GPU FPS counter
  • Fourth line... I have no idea honestly and I'm not sure if it has any indication on performance at all. any insight would be appreciated!

I also checked to see if others were having similar issues. In Westie's beta video (note, he states he is running high settings in the scene I linked) you can see that he had the same issue, and according to his build he has similar specs to mine but instead has a 11700k @ 5.4 GHZ and a 3090. There's a link to his build in the video I linked or click here

This leads me to believe there is still CPU optimization work to be done on the dev's behalf. My guess is that they were more focused on optimizing for both console generations and crossplay compatibility as a whole for release. I think its fair to say PC will be getting some optimization patches or at least some tweaks to help us get more performance later on.

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Sim stands for simulation, it's the CPU side update of a frame. It includes all game logic, physics, etc. The result is used on the gpu side which updates asynchronously thanks to the latest frostbite version that we are using. This allows us to render on a much higher frequency than the simulation tick rate.

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