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Originally posted by greatest_fapperalive

this is a time to vote with your wallet. its not DICE that has the choice, its their publisher EA. If we flood them with feedback and purchase skins etc, make it worth their while, i think they might continue service?

I did not expect an argument on Reddit towards buying more skins 😁

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Originally posted by AWU_Hades

Very disappointed. Season 3 already felt dragged out, now with one new map and only one rework the next season will be even more boring.

No words on squad management. Nothing about Vault weapon reworks (attachments). If they need to split the last two reworks into two seasons it's safe to say S5 is the final content drop.

On Squad Management... listen to our recent Q&A Podcast:


Fast forward to ~33:33.

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Originally posted by Freebirdz123

I want to know what made them go with the pastel green. Its soft!

It's very rare we see comments about Seasonal coloring, and i'm glad there are people like you that pick up on this stuff. The people that spend a fair bit of time building these things will appreciate it <3

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