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I found that some gamers don't know that they can get refund their pre-order. This website create tutorial to get refund:



Log in to the Steam application.

  • Click View, Settings.
  • Select Account, then View Account Details.
  • In View Purchase History, find Battlefield 2042.
  • Here, you can select to request a refund.


  • Log in to EA‘s website.
  • Select Account Settings in the top right corner.
  • Click on Order History.
  • Find Battlefield 2042 and click Cancel Order.
  • If this option does not appear, head to EA’s Contact Us page, and use the support chat to request a pre-order cancelation.

Xbox One / Xbox Series X/S

Xbox, go to your account purchase history and click "cancel" for your order. Info from GotItFromEbay

Other method:

  • Head to the Xbox Support website.
  • Select Billing as your issue.
  • Click on Choose a Contact Method and then Chat With Xbox Support.
  • Enter your details and request a refund from the representative.

PS4 / PS5

  • Head to the PlayStation website and select Support.
  • In the Contact Support page, select PS Store & Refunds.
  • From the options, choose About PS Store Refunds.
  • Then, use the Refund Assistant to Request a Refund on Battlefield 2042.
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Originally posted by IXPrometheusIX

u/F8RGE thoughts on a post like this gaining lots of traction in the subreddit

There's nothing I can realistically say here that won't end up as a headline on a website or used as YouTube clickbait. So not sure what is expected, it's also not really my place. I'm aware that everything I say reflects on my team members, and even if it's just a throw away comment, it can quickly turn into "DICE says..." as if it's some sort of studio mandate.

Yes, I'm a part of the team but that does not mean I should be speaking publicly about anything and everything. Let alone speaking about something related to finance, because it's not my area of expertise at all.

Important thing to note is that this sub has more eyes on it from the game team than perhaps you'd expect. I know for a fact that there are even a few dedicated souls scouring new. So when a post like this appears, or anything that gets even remotely 'hot' (in Reddit terms), it's almost certainly been seen by countless people.

Again, not the answer you're probably looking for, but wanted to at least provide you with some context.

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Originally posted by TheSeanski

Well it is reassuring to know that there are eyes from the team in this sub. Wether or not anything being said will be taken onboard is another thing entirely. Either way I’m interested to see what the game is like is at launch, I’ve had mixed experiences with the beta but I’m overall hopeful. (I’m in agreement with the opinions that the class system should never have left though)

A lot of eyes (hey folks o7). You may not always see the "DICE Replied" flair, but if we could have a "DICE seen" everything would be covered.

Anecdotally, and back from my days in Community I can tell you that everything being discussed, created, watched, streamed and everything in-between is more than likely being tracked. Game companies will know conversation volume, sentiment and all those other buzz words for every part of a game's lifespan.

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Originally posted by GausBlurSucks

Hey, I'm not sorry if this has already been answered, but will we be getting something akin to community transmissions for this game? The communication between the players and the devs was amazing when it came to SWBF2, but we had none of that with BF5.

I have no doubt that it would be reassuring for many if you could give us an idea of what to expect on that front :)

Briefings would be the equivalent. You'd have to ask the Community team for their plans though. I don't want to sign them up to something or miss inform.

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Originally posted by OddJob001

If you just install this tracker, we can make that happen.

Download TrackF8RGE.exe here

Never change.