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The first impression from content creators was that it was not strong enough to compete with C5. Unless your game is rocket league, every single game that is still supported are always releasing patch notes because balance is actually a subjective perception by the community instead of simply being objective numbers on a data sheet.

Focus on the fact Dice has a team ready to respond a week after release. Thats a fantastic turn around and shows they are prepared to make changes once they have the data.

This is a lovely response and we couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

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Good! Thank you Dice! Now if only they would do the same for the other explosive spam in the game. (airburst , 30mm cannons, 40mm grenade launchers, 50mm cannons, sundance nades, under barrel grenade launchers, and transport vehicles should mainly have mahcine guns)

We have the fun police on speed dial what do you want