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Give me your three top tips for not being trash and progressing quickly, any links to an up to date beginners guide welcomed.

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about 1 month ago - /u/T0TALfps - Direct link
  1. Don't fall into a run and gun mentality, while Battlefield can encourage that in some cases, it is far better to slow it down and think ahead. You'll notice that you're able to flank better, out maneuver and ultimately be more prepared for certain combat situations.

  2. KD Ratio is not the be-all-end-all contributor to winning in Battlefield. And nor is it truly about climbing the Scoreboard. Its a squad based, team wins, game. You can get as many kills as you like but if you're team is dying more than your personal kills it negates it. It's about balance, reviving actually takes away from the opposite team. Taking out a helicopter or tank can reduce the amount of death.

  3. Don't wait for somebody else to "deal with it", if something is really doing a number on your team, you'll be far more efficient if you step up, change kit, and deal with it.

  4. Play the objective. That can mean many things, if you're doing your class role, if you're capturing flags, defending a sector, repairing a tank, spotting aircraft, you're playing the objective.

  5. Don't take the game too seriously. It can get competitive at times but that doesn't mean it is competitive. It's about having fun, and you can do that even more with like-minded people... so find a few friends!