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Hey, so not a fan of the idea that Bunny Hopping will be present in 2042, and I heard that Jump Spam is being nerfed on official release, so does that mean bhopping is getting nerfed as well?

Plus I'm wondering if it'll be the same as the BFV fix, where your momentum is dramatically reduced when spamming Jump.

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It will be fixed on the launch version of the game (not yet in the early access version).

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Is A-D-A-D spam going to be fixed? BFV had inertia for strafing so that you couldn't do it.

Some improvements for that went in as well yes :)

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Man I gotta ask, with how negative this sub tends to be, how are you able to actually be here? Like you could help someone from going homeless this sub would still attack you for not having the house they want you to have

I like talking about my work and handing out information when I can.