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Hey folks,

Wanted to pick this one up before the weekend, I can indeed confirm that Reclaimed is set for 64 players within All-Out Warfare.

When creating maps, we often have a set amount of players and vehicles in mind for the size and experience we want to offer with that particular map, and we think 64 offers that appropriate mix of infantry and vehicle combat alongside the chaotic moments you come to expect.

If you wish to dial all of that up to 11, you can do so within Battlefield Portal and select a player count upto 128, play around with vehicle numbers etc.

Naturally, as with anything we do, we are open to feedback and thoughts and if we see you really are wanting a 128P Reclaimed experience for All-Out Warfare then we will take that feedback on board, over time, and check in with the levels team.

Can't wait for you to get hands-on with the map and experience it for yourselves next week!

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