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We are beating a dead horse at this point and it’s only been 48 hours since we saw the full sweep of changes. Every 5th post is about how good or bad the rework is with trivial changes in talking points. THE STADIUM IS GONE, HOW I MISS IT SO! Congratulations, you miss a point of interest that had a lot of potential but was heavily misused.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll miss it too, but A zone was such a bad set of capture points. Let’s be honest, the whole 128 player conquest layout of that map was bad. It had 9 capture points, but you only needed 3 to win the game (B, C, & D). How is that logical for a conquest layout. D zone was literally an open park surrounded by buildings that gave you an elevated and unobstructed viewpoint of the whole capture area. The prevailing capture tactic as infantry was going prone in the grass. C zone was only half as bad. You at least got vehicles for cover before the guy sitting on top of the arches every other match shot you from above. And while I’m not a big breakthrough player, I did not hear good things about Hourglass. The map was so grand in scale and presentation, but offered so little.

If I could have made changes to the conquest layout, it would have been the following:

The A zone would have been a 2 point zone, both inside the stadium, both on different floors (ground floor of the side entrance on the right and A2 staying the same). B could have been just past the overpass outside A. C could have been a buried complex accessible from the partially buried buildings between old B and the buildings along the road between old C and old D. The D Zone should have been the cluster of buildings next to the park area (where the one MCOM was in Rush on the second set of objects). Old C could have stayed, but with underpass part in the capture area as well (new E zone). E2 could have become F zone. Finally, the bottom of E1 would have become G1, and the rooftop of the adjacent skyscraper G2. Viola! Giant desert map with 7 zones, 9 capture points, and 2 enclosed close quarter combat areas. All thats needed is more ambient cover sprinkled throughout.

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