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Frontlines is coming back!

With the Crimson Front Event unfolding in Battlefield™ 2042, get ready to experience the unprecedented global assault by the Ground Forces' 4th Battalion of the Thousand Petal Coalition. Known as The Red Hand, this experienced and lethal battalion is reputed for pushing the front lines and never falling back.


Join us between April 16 and April 30, 2024* for our new time-limited event. An intense tug-of-war experience that will require everything you got to come out on top.


Push the Frontlines, destroy the M-COMs

Frontlines was a fan-favorite mode in Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V, and we're excited for it to return as a new time-limited game mode within Season 7: Turning Point.

As a mixture of Conquest and Rush, expect a strategic, intensive and fast-paced combat experience focused on relentless assault. You must secure each sector and advance into enemy territory to reach their ultimate defensive line.

Upon reaching the enemy's final line of defense, your goal is to arm and eliminate the enemy's M-COMs to secure a win. However, reinforcements are limited! And if depleted, you will be forced to retreat to the previous sector.

Frontlines is a 20v20 tug-of-war experience, playable on Haven, Reclaimed, Discarded, and Redacted.

Dominate the Frontlines

To ensure you have the upper hand, the team provides us with some tips to share with you:
1. Outflank the enemy: In all but the final sectors, Frontlines is played on one objective at a time. Capturing the objective is vital, but when your teammates are on the point, you can mount an aggressive offense by outflanking the enemy and blocking paths from their HQ to the flag, forcing them back and moving the frontline to your advantage. Adapt to your situation intelligently and respond to the actions of your teammates!

  1. Capitalize on momentum: When you capture an objective and push the frontline, you can't afford to slow down. Push towards the next objective before the retreating enemy can set up a defense.

  2. Staging a comeback: New to Battlefield 2042's iteration of Frontlines, the defending team in the final sector gets access to vehicles. Make the most of this vital opportunity and push the enemy back with your increased firepower. The longer the vehicle survives, the more damage you can do, even taking it with you into the next objectives if your M-COMs survive the enemy's final push.

Push Forward - In Frontlines, secure each sector and push into hostile territory to reach the enemy’s final defensive line.

Destroy the M-COMs - When you reach the enemy’s final defensive line, arm and destroy their M-COMs to achieve victory. Be advised: your reinforcements are limited. If they’re depleted, you must fall back to the previous sector.

Hold the line - Frontlines is a tug-of-war experience, where your enemy has the same mission as you. The enemy can retake sectors and will fight to push farther into your territory.

Claim The Spoils of Victory

New rewards are available to earn or purchase. Earn Ribbons by playing Frontlines to unlock rewards which are also purchasable separately as store bundles during the Crimson Front event bundles.

Earnable items (reduces bundle price when earned):

Blood Lotus - Epic Weapon Charm

Skull Curator - Epic DXR-1 Skin

Crimson Oath - Epic Boris Skin

Fractures - Rare Player Card Tag




Store bundles:

  • The Red Hand - 1750 Battlefield Coins
    • Bound by Blood - Angel Legendary Skin
    • Grave Reminder - Legendary AK 5C Skin
    • Death’s Hold - Epic Railgun Pistol Skin
    • Blood Lotus - Epic Weapon Charm
    • Breaking Point - Rare Player Card

  • Stranglehold - 1000 Battlefield Coins
    • Hand of Death - Sundance Epic Skin
    • Bloodshot - Epic GOL Sniper Magnum Skin
    • Skull Curator - Epic DXR-1 Skin
    • Hemothorax - Epic Weapon Charm
    • Red Cell - Rare Player Card Tag

  • Blood Pact - 1000 Battlefield Coins
    • Crimson Oath - Boris Epic Skin
    • Dead Petals - Epic SFAR-M GL Skin
    • Bone Collector - Epic EMKV90-TOR Skin
    • Epic XP Booster
    • What Remains - Rare Weapon Charm
    • Fractures - Rare Player Card Tag

  • Crimson Front Bundle - 3500 Battlefield Coins
    • The “The Red Hand”, “Stranglehold”, and “Blood Pact” in a combined bundle.

We’re counting on you to hold the line during the time limited event Crimson Front, starting April 16, 2024.

Don’t forget to check out the community calendar for upcoming events in Battlefield 2042!

PTFO and push forward!

// The Battlefield team

\Includes in-game purchases. Requires Battlefield 2042 (sold separately) and all game updates to play. Free Battle Pass content requires gameplay to unlock. Premium Battle Pass content requires Season 7 Premium Battle Pass (sold separately) and gameplay to unlock. You must log in each week and claim your weekly reward. Failure to log in and claim during a week will result in forfeiting that week’s reward.)


This announcement may change as we listen to community feedback and continue developing and evolving our Live Service & Content. We will always strive to keep our community as informed as possible.

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