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For the past couple of weeks there was an increasing amount of AI soldiers in game lobbies (both BT and CQ). I'm playing in EU region mostly evening ours (like 6pm to 11pm) and it shows that something's not quite right. I think something's wrong with Matchmaking system.

We've been through BFV's content drought but there were no problems with filling the servers with players(and not to mention that there was no cross-play back then). And now every round I play has at least couple of AI bots.

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about 2 months ago - /u/T0TALfps - Direct link

Hello folks,

We have just made a change to address this, you should now find less AI in your servers as a result :)

Please keep the feedback coming.


about 2 months ago - /u/T0TALfps - Direct link

Originally posted by Celegnir

Unfortunately it's only for CQ128. But it's even worse on Breakthrough.

Still assessing this 🙂