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What is going on over at Dice? We have been begging you for MONTHS that the engineers are underpowered, underused, and outright don’t fill their niche nearly as well as McKay or Sundance with C4. Your response? Better helicopters, more vehicles, SLOWER ROCKETS?????? No change to the RPG having two rockets? Or the recoilless not having enough output to kill anything? The anti tank grenade being useless besides being a meme?

Currently, the most effective anti tank engineer has the following experience against a T-28 Armata. 2-3? Rockets, one gets blocked by active defense, the other misses because the RPG iron sights have crazy sway when trying to ADS. You throw your anti tank grenade, the tank drives forward and 5 seconds later your grenade hits the spot the tank used to be in. You switch to your Ak-24 with underbarrel anti armor grenades and hit two of them for ~20 damage but the third misses since you can’t see the projectiles travel through the air. The tank blows you away after you pull out your repair tool.

I have to beg and plead with my teammates to hopefully drop an ammo box so I can get a rocket and grenade back. My teammate then runs somewhere far from me and drops it 20 seconds later so I have to chase them down to get more rockets. No support specialist is incentivized or designed to drop ammo persistently for me, since angels ammo bundles doesn’t resupply explosives. Nobody drops his crate because it is a secondary utility players have no idea about and is triggered differently from Irish who also has a secondary ability. (Seriously guys?) he is also the least combat effective of the supports so naturally nobody plays him.

The engineer experience right now is pain. Why are you making it worse?

Edit: this is all forgetting to mention that the rocket velocity changes make it even HARDER to take out pesky helicopter pilots. Your infantry AA missile is garbage and not a threat against helicopters, literally our only recourse is the recoilless. You’ve nerfed it’s speed to make it even less feasible to shoot down littlebirds. The best engineer for anti air is now going to be a LATV4 with the AA turret.

Also gutting the civilian vehicle counts so it’s even more annoying to traverse maps is not cool. Just drop last gen support so we can get past these awful restrictions.

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Engineer balance changes are on their way, and are currently on course as part of the update for Season 6. We will be discussing more about that as and when we're able to do so.